Maddalena’s Roasted Leg of Lamb Recipe

Posted by | October 26 | Comments Off on Maddalena’s Roasted Leg of Lamb Recipe

  Cooler Fall weather gives us the perfect reason to stay inside spend a little extra time cooking delicious meals for the ones we love. One of Maddalena’s favorite recipes is this Roasted Leg of Lamb. She likes to serve the meal with her Maddalena Zinfandel, which boasts flavors of ripe red fruit, including bright raspberry […]

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It’s a Zuppa Time

Posted by | September 16 | Comments Off on It’s a Zuppa Time

Soup is best served with red wine, have you heard this saying before?  Ok, probably not because we just came up with it. But it’s going to catch on because it’s simply the truth!  One of the most popular soups that most of us have heard about is Italian Wedding Soup.  How impressive to say […]

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Veal Marsala

Posted by | August 31 | Comments Off on Veal Marsala

Veal is meat from calves and boy, we cannot tell you how delicious, flavorful, and delicate it is! This recipe, from Maddalena Riboli, is to die for, and perfect for when you have those very special guests of yours coming over. Try this Veal Marsala dish and see for yourself! INGREDIENTS 2 lbs. veal cutlets […]

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A Must-Try Wine Pairing

Posted by | July 30 | Comments Off on A Must-Try Wine Pairing

Sometimes we have a great wine but not a great meal to pair it with.  Other times we’ve made a delicious meal but we don’t have the right wine that can accompany it.  Murphy’s law. But today, we have a wine pairing we’d like to present to you on a silver plate. We chose our […]

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Italian Cream Cake

Posted by | July 23 | Comments Off on Italian Cream Cake

We are usually racking our brains finding a dessert for a special occasion. But this time, Maddalena Riboli wants to give you her personal Italian Cream Cake recipe! According to her it is the best one for your special occasions (so of course this is true!) Indeed, this creamy cake will amaze your guests by its flavor and […]

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Tomato Basil Crostini

Posted by | July 19 | Comments Off on Tomato Basil Crostini

A summer atmosphere with Tomato Basil Crostini recipe. We invite you to try out this new recipe to spruce up your appetizer. During a special event or a simple occasion, treat your guests like VIP’s as soon as the beginning of the evening. This dish will raise some eyebrows and impress your friends! We bet they don’t get to taste this delicious appetizer at […]

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Rediscover a Well-known Wine

Posted by | July 12 | Comments Off on Rediscover a Well-known Wine

You’re probably wondering which wine we are talking about. So, let’s start the riddle! Yes it is the world’s most famous white-wine grape and also one of the most widely planted. The winemaking techniques can be very different depending on the region.  Not sure yet? Come on! If we say sparkling wines, champagne and oak […]

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Shrimp Scampi Recipe

Posted by | July 2 | Comments Off on Shrimp Scampi Recipe

You are looking for a dish which is out of the ordinary. Even worse, you are fed up with always making the same pastas recipes. Keep smiling! There are always tempting solutions to renew your cooking. If you’ve never heard about Shrimp Scampi recipe. Here it is! Quick and simple. But de-li-cious. Enjoy it for a summer lunch or a […]

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Strawberry Moon and Raspberry Wine

Posted by | June 25 | Comments Off on Strawberry Moon and Raspberry Wine

It’s the start of summer and the kickoff was exceptional, the summer solstice this year brought a bright full moon painted in hues of red, known as the ‘strawberry moon.’  Rare and awe-inspiring, it’s something to be experienced, similar to a classic red wine. Mother Nature brings us humbling experiences and such is the case […]

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Thank You, Riboli Family, For Maddalena Wines

Posted by | June 23 | Comments Off on Thank You, Riboli Family, For Maddalena Wines

We have the Riboli family to thank for the award winning wine brand, Maddalena, which is sold at the family’s winery, San Antonio Winery, and other local retailers. Indeed, Maddalena wines owe their success to the tenacity of The Riboli Family and their strong belief in crafting the finest artisan wines. The Maddalena wines brand […]

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