The success of Maddalena Wines comes from the tenacity of The Riboli Family and their strong belief in crafting the finest artisan wines. The family’s beginnings date back to 1917 when they opened San Antonio Winery in Downtown Los Angeles.

Since then, the family has been blessed with four generations contributing to their vision of excellence, expansion up the coastline, and prosperity across the Golden State.




Growing up in Italy, Maddalena Satragni learned the skills, techniques, and love that goes into cooking delicious homemade Italian food at a young age from her mother. She acquired her passion of cooking after experiencing how food could bring people together and create lifelong memories.

When Maddalena moved to the U.S., she worked in agriculture where she met her future husband, Stefano Riboli. She immediately began working at San Antonio Winery, whch the two took ownership of after the passing of Stefano’s grandfather, founder of the business. As the two grew the business and the family, Maddalena made a lasting impression. She helped the family to make strides in Paso Robles and Monterey, CA, ushering the purchase of land in both regions. Little did she know, in the future, these locations would be home to wines her family would name after her to honor her legacy. Today, Maddalena is in her mid ’90s and credits her health to drinking wine in moderation and working hard.




The Riboli Family has made a steadfast commitment to producing the highest quality grapes from estate vineyards in two of the most prestigious regions along California’s Central Coast: Monterey and Paso Robles.

Our vineyards are meticulously farmed to yield grapes with concentrated flavors and aromas that express their terrior. We utilize traditional and modern winemaking techniques to create unique wines of the highest quality and character. We pay special attention to the cultivation of our estate vineyards, confident you’ll taste the fruits of our passion in the complexity of our wines.





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