Strawberry Moon and Raspberry Wine

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It’s the start of summer and the kickoff was exceptional, the summer solstice this year brought a bright full moon painted in hues of red, known as the ‘strawberry moon.’  Rare and awe-inspiring, it’s something to be experienced, similar to a classic red wine.

Mother Nature brings us humbling experiences and such is the case with Maddalena wines.  This collection is in honor of a remarkable mother, who is the backbone of a four generation wine-making family.  She grew up in Italy and her elegance is captured in these fine wines.

The Cabernet Sauvignon has plush red fruit flavors of raspberry, plum and spicy black cherry with notes of vanilla and caramel.  It’s soothing as it is smooth and makes for the perfect choice ‘moonside.’  When the clock strikes dusk, it’s the best time to pour a glass of red wine.  Enjoy this comforting Cabernet as you watch our remarkable moon rise through the night skies.

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Photo credit: @lushlifehg